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Give Me Liberty!

Posted on Jul 7, 2008

When in the course of human events, it becomes necessary to take up arms, then someday a government official will declare a holiday…  and we will blow up stuff to celebrate!

So, this is how we spent our 4th of July, 2008 holiday- with a few friends from college, celebrating in a tradition that is now 20 years old; to eat until we explode, and then piece together sufficient gunpowder to make the biggest blast in the neighborhood. If that’s not the American Way, I don’t know what is!

The piece you’re about to see includes a 16′ tall steel sculpture, dubbed ‘Lady Liberty’. She was constructed several years ago for the express purpose of serving as an explosives scaffold. She is demurely wrapped in 70,000 or so firecrackers, with spinners placed strategically at her breasts and navel, and holds a mortar box of another dozen rounds. Beside her, at stage right, is a dizzying testament to the wonders of gunpowder & saltpeter, including mortars, Saturn Missiles, and who knows what.

This link will take you to the video- it’s about 12 minutes long, and needs a minute or so to load, so you’ve been warned!


Kick back, crank up the speakers on your pc, and enjoy the show.

And remember, no actual Ladies, or Liberties were harmed in the making of this film.

Note: The attached video was shot on a Canon S5 IS digital camera, and edited on a Mac Mini, using iMovie HD.

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