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  • What Do We Pay Real Estate Agents For?

    November 9, 2016 /
    Pickett Street Properties Team /

    These days, a large swath of the population seems fond of predicting the imminent decline of the real estate agent. With the newfound ease of viewing homes (along with accompanying neighborhood/community statistics) online, it occasionally seems like the services provided by real estate agents are unnecessary expenses. If that’s your line of thought, then think again: appearances are deceiving. In reality, real estate agents perform far more tasks than merely finding a home for clients, and they are paid for a much more diverse array of services. In fact, the average real estate agent is paid for vital but abstract services that no Internet search can provide, including problem solving and stress/emotional management. So, if you feel like you can handle your home search with a measly tour on Google, read on to see why working with a real estate agent is always the better option. Problem Solving Even the most seamless real estate transactions run into occasional setbacks. Whether you lose a bidding war on your dream home, or the home you’re about to close a deal on requires unexpected renovations, buying a home almost always involves at least one unforeseen hiccup. This observation is not meant to discourage…Read more