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  • Maybe the sky isn’t falling.

    May 11, 2009 /
    Andy O'Shea /

    Maybe the “sky” isn’t falling?! A chicken and a pig walk into a grocery store…………..Nah, I’ll save that story for another time. : ) I get asked at least once every day, often multiple times: “Andy, how are things going in real estate, REALLY?! Is it as bad as it sounds?" Truthfully, in my opinion: No! I’m seeing offers being written on homes - almost every day. I’m meeting with sellers who realize 2007 prices are gone - but that they can still sell their home, and do. I’m helping investors find incredible values - on all types of properties. I’m marketing new construction homes for Builders - and receiving offers every weekend. I’m working with Banks to offer 3.75% interest rates to First Time Home Buyers – who are loving it! Yeah, I’d say things are “looking up”. Did you read the article in last week’s Seattle Times entitled: “Pending sales of single-family homes in King County surged in April”? The article mentions some of the good news: King County Pending sales were up 25% in April over March. Snohomish County Pending sales were up 28% in April over March. One factor to keep in mind, though, is that…Read more