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  • Neighborhood Profile: East Hill

    January 27, 2017 /
    Pickett Street Properties Team /

    Imagine you could live in an urban neighborhood with an international flavor without having to brave the hustle and bustle of Seattle. With Kent’s East Hill neighborhood, you’ll have the benefit of a diverse, vibrant community without the craziness of the big city.   For a large chunk of its 120+ year history, Kent, Washington was a prosperous farming community. In fact, the city was originally named after the County of Kent in England, as both shared a talent for growing quality hops. However, even after aphids destroyed the hop crops in the late 1800s, Kent continued to prosper, becoming a major supplier of produce and dairy, and for a time the city was known as the “Lettuce Capital of the World.” Today, Kent is a thriving urban center with unique neighborhoods, including East Hill.   East Hill is known for being a diverse neighborhood in an already diverse city. In fact, the households in East Hill speak many languages in addition to English, including Russian, languages from South Asia, and languages from a variety of African countries. Overall, the presence of many different ethnicities and nationalities gives East Hill a culturally rich character, and it’s an important addition to…Read more