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  • Seattle Real Estate Market Update for August 2017

    September 1, 2017 /
    Pickett Street Properties Team /

    Now that summer’s winding to a lovely, blackberry-filled close, let’s check in on Seattle’s real estate market. Here’s what to expect if you’re buying or selling a house right now. 1. Housing prices in Seattle continue to rise. The Seattle-area market continues to hurtle forward like an exciting high-speed train. For the tenth month straight, the city’s August housing prices rose faster than anywhere else in the country. According to the Seattle Times, prices for the average single-family home are 13.4% more than this time last year. Additionally, for the first time ever, King County home prices grew by $100,000 in just a year. What does this mean for you, a potential buyer or seller? If you’re thinking about buying, it’s smart to buy now, as prices will only continue to rise. If you’re thinking about selling, it’s also smart to sell now, because you’re almost sure to get a great offer on your Seattle-area home. Contact Pickett Street today at (425) 502-5397 or for help buying or selling your home. 2. Why all this real estate growth? One word: Amazon. Amazon and its increasingly powerful economic force has chosen Seattle’s hip, creative environment as its home, and this…Read more

  • Tips for Navigating Seattle’s 2017 Real Estate Market

    August 9, 2017 /
    Pickett Street Properties Team /

    Seattle’s real estate market is on fire right now, and it’s easy to see why. Tech giants such as Amazon, Microsoft, and Expedia are creating healthy job growth, making the local job market one of the hottest in the country. Additionally, despite its growing costs, this urban area remains one of the more affordable west coast cities, especially when compared to Los Angeles and San Francisco. Not to mention, Seattle is just plain gorgeous. With these perks, Seattle one of the fastest growing cities in the county; the most recent data found that about 1,100 people are moving to the city every week (you heard me right--1,100 people per week!). So, how does one navigate this exciting and competitive atmosphere when buying or selling a home? Here are a few tips, along with more information about what to expect from Seattle’s real estate market in 2017. 1. Don’t Wait to Buy If you’re serious about buying a home in Seattle, now’s the time to go for it. Real estate professionals predict that the market will remain competitive throughout 2017 and beyond. According to the NW REporter, while there was a small increase in residential listings this past June (a 7…Read more