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Episode 91: ASMR & Tequila

Posted on Jun 11, 2020

Episode 91: ASMR & Tequila

It feels a little bit like we’re in the eye of a tornado right now. The idea that there’s a center to a storm, a place in the midst of chaos where the intensity is a bit lower, but only for a moment- until you step back into it. To try and work through it.

This week an ASMR + Tequila episode felt like what we needed to do. My stomach has been churning this week, the energy is high. Lets sit in this discomfort together.

Join us.

This week we discuss:
-my new boyfriend (whaaaaat?)
-the re-opening of the counties in WA state
-red lining
-Jesse mows the lawn for a client

Join us.

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