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Episode 88: Mo Steps Down

Posted on May 21, 2020

Episode 88: Mo Steps Down

I have sat here, in my office, staring at my computer screen for what feels like hours. I have no idea what to title this, how to write it- and so I’ll do what I have learned to do while “Doing Life Together” here at Pickett Street, I will begin.

It’s time for me to leap.
LEAP: to pass abruptly from one state or topic to another. My word for 2020.

Right now, I’d like to start with a thank you.
Thank you to my forever friends at Pickett Street. Every member that has passed through the door has very literally changed my life. I entered the doors at Keller Williams Bothell at 31 years old, dressed in a simple black dress with no idea what I was walking into- and how drastically my life would change in 8 years.

Every time I step into the gray area, wander around and find my way- I come out a better human. There is discomfort in the in-between, and it is in that discomfort that I have found my comfort 🙂

I have Pickett Street as a company, Jesse D. Moore, Keller Williams, and every member of Pickett Street Properties to thank for helping me find my way to the loveliest, grayest area of life- where I can say with total passion and excitement- THIS, THIS is where I find my joy.

I have no idea what I’m going to do- and I have never been more excited for the journey.

There will be more to come from me on this topic.
But for today, I would just like to sit with this news for a moment.

If you don’t mind.

I never imagined I would be in a place where I would be sitting here, at my computer, writing to a community of people that have watched me grow in such a vulnerable, authentic and real manner.

Thank you for all the love, support, compassion and empathy.

I see you. Thank you for seeing me.


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