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Episode 82: Week 3: True Colors

Posted on Apr 4, 2020

Episode 82: Week 3: True Colors

Episode 82: Week 3- True Colors

We’re on our 3rd week of quarantine here in the Seattle area, at least for us here at Pickett Street. And we’re beginning to see a different cycle take place.

This week we welcomed another group of listeners to watch us LIVE as we recorded this episode on Zoom. It’s a welcome change to see the faces of your friends + listeners as we discuss the strange environment we’re currently in.

👉Kathleen Metcalf from Vermont- a coach, speaker & trainer for Admin & Agents in Real Estate commented during the episode:
“The 5 Stages of Grief: Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Sadness, Acceptance. Everyone will go through these stages in their own way in their time. It seems each state in the USA is going through these stages too.”

The truth in that comment still springs to my mind today almost every hour.

This week in the Seattle area some of us are starting to show our true colors, and they’re not always displayed with the most grace, care and love.

We are doing what we can through this podcast and through “Operation: Tungsten Light” (facebook page) to provide you all with a taste of normalcy, connection and community.

Reach out. Talk to people. Insert boundaries where needed. Settle into yourself. Journal. Go inward.

“Going inward. That’s the real work. The solutions are not outside of us. Get to know who you really are, because as you search for the hero within, you inevitably become one.”
Emma Tiebens

We ❤️ you guys! Stay tuned for our next LIVE podcast on Zoom- we love seeing your faces! And yes- Mo will continue to show up in a gown of her choice, and when she runs out (which will be soon) she’ll just put them on repeat 🤣

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