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Episode 8: Favorite Failures

Posted on Dec 7, 2018

Episode 8: Favorite Failures

“Courage is going from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm.” – Winston Churchill In this episode Margaret & Jesse share their “favorite failures” with you. Those things they’ve had to get through to be where they are today. Things not often talked about publicly or enough at all. They each came up with 5 and 1 additional one for each other. Mo: 1. Pickett Street Loyalty Club 2. Going $21,000 over budget on her duplex rehab (a $240,000 project). 3. Helicopter pilot- trying to control other people on the team.  4. Not believing in me, embracing my abilities. 5. Screaming louder. Accepting certain people on the team for way too long. 6. From Jesse: PNW Retreat Finances Jesse: 1. Hole in my head. 2. RBF 3. Firing slow. 4. $15,000 mistake. 5. Not replacing distressed business. 6. From Mo: Leaving the business to Mo. Tune in to hear the details on what this means for them both professionally and personally! How can we be a resource to you? Reach out to Pickett Street today: or #425-502-5397. Text for quicker response. Intro Music: Title: Happy Album: My Dark Passenger Artist: Verboze Album will be releasing on Itunes, Amazon, and Googleplay Dec. 2018 Streaming on Apple Music, Pandora, Play Music, iHeart, Spotify, and more in Dec.



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