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Episode 79: COVID-19

Posted on Mar 14, 2020

Episode 79: COVID-19

Episode 79: COVID-19

Hi Facebook friends, this is Mo.
We recorded this episode on Wednesday, March 11th 2020- prior to Sarah Troske and I leaving WA state to teach in Minneapolis, MN. So MUCH has changed in just the last 3 days.

In this weeks episode (really and truly its an ASMR & Whiskey episode with a large part of it focused on the COVID-19) we discuss the changes that are taking place in the Seattle area- and how the economy is already beginning to see an impact.

1. If you need assistance, reach out to me
2. Please meditate/pray/sit in silence and breath for a minimum of 5 minutes every morning + evening.
3. Follow the facts.

I hope this episode makes you LAUGH. We are here to bring you our perspective, and what we’re learning on the daily from our friends & colleagues in the medical field and all industries and communities that are being impacted.

Lets get together on this.
Lets talk.

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