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Episode 73: A Tribute to Armin

Posted on Jan 30, 2020

Episode 73: A Tribute to Armin

Last week we lost a former team member, Armin Saee. My heart broke in half for him and his family & friends. In honor of our friend, we are dedicating this episode to Armin.

“Friend, you are so missed.

For every time you made us laugh.
For every time you walked into our office with that strut and a joke on hand- shoes on point.
For every time you came by for a handshake and a high five, beaming.
For the time you came into our lives and business- it had a purpose, of that i am sure.
For every time you said I needed to stand my ground and find a man that would treat me as they should.
For every time we spent talking about life + love.
For every time you heard my laughter and couldn’t help but join in.
For every time it was so clear to me you had a heart and spirit of sunshine.
For every time you brought 💯 support and love to those around you.
For every time we saw you happy.
For every time you were vulnerable.
For every time we will not be able to see you and hug you again.
For every time that we wanted you to see how amazing you were and the potential you had overflowing.
For every time you showed us photographs of your beautiful children and family, beaming with pride.
For every time we will think of you.

Friend, you are so dearly missed and loved.”

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