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Episode 7: Stop Doing List

Posted on Nov 29, 2018

Episode 7: Stop Doing List

In this episode Margaret & Jesse work through their list of things they’re going to STOP DOING in 2019. If you want to gain clarity on what you want- try determining what you don’t want to do any more. Mo: Recruiting, Sales Department, TC work, Financials, TL role, Personal Assisting, Making Myself Small, Photography business. Jesse: Appointments past 5:30pm, Training daily, Running around (keyboxes, flyers), No ALC, Office meetings, No Buyers Tune in to hear the details on what this means for them both professionally and personally! How can we be a resource to you? Reach out to Pickett Street today: or #425-502-5397. Text for quicker response. Intro Music: Title: Happy Album: My Dark Passenger Artist: Verboze Album will be releasing on Itunes, Amazon, and Googleplay Dec. 2018 Streaming on Apple Music, Pandora, Play Music, iHeart, Spotify, and more in Dec.



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