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Episode 60: Nonsense + Special Guest: Kevin Kauffman

Posted on Nov 7, 2019

Episode 60: Nonsense + Special Guest: Kevin Kauffman

Oh lord, in the studio today we had a VERY special guest: Kevin Kauffman from EXP Realty + Group 46:10.

Episode 60: Nonsense + Special Guest: Kevin Kauffman

The 411 on Kevin:
Realtor, Podcast Host and Entertainer…
“I have developed a career and a lifestyle by doing things that are difficult –not because they are difficult, but because they often seem to be the best things to do. In 2007, the height of the housing bust, I started a career in the real estate. I faced opposition from every side. My family was nervous, my friends said I was nuts.

I believed that I was seeing was an opportunity, and while I appreciated their care for me and I knew they had my best interests at heart, I chose to follow my instincts. The market was terrible and the economy was unforgiving. I took from this rough beginning an experience that I now know to be invaluable. I learned that I possess the confidence, work ethic, will, and drive to be successful in spite of a down market. At a time when all of the “experts” were running away from real estate, I ran right at it. During my first year working in real estate, I was named “Rookie of the Year” and have ranked consistently near the tops of all production charts since.

In February 2008, my business partner, Fred Weaver and I formed Group 46:10, now the Group 46:10 Real Estate Network, with eXp Realty. The Group 46:10 Real Estate Network has taken on a bold path of expansion, moving into Denver in 2014, Nashville in 2015, and finally into a total of 5 markets in 2018. Before expanding our real estate sales team I was the majority owner of Keller Williams Realty Phoenix, a struggling franchise in 2013 on the brink of shutting down. I was able to help resurrect the brokerage, and once it was thriving in 2016 I sold it so I could focus on the expansion of The Group 46:10 Network.

Group 46:10 has received favorable write-ups in The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and MarketWatch, among other highly regarded publications. Group 46:10 has consistently been named by Real Trends and the Wall Street Journal as one of “The Thousand” A-list of the top producing real estate agents and teams in the country.”

Kevin helped start the Facebook group: Next Level Agents which is now also a podcast. You can find them on any major podcast platform!

You can find Finely Clicked on all major platforms as well:

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