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Episode 6: Autonomy

Posted on Nov 21, 2018

Episode 6: Autonomy

“I hate being told what to do.” Today’s episode is all about Autonomy.  -What is autonomy? -What does autonomy for an Admin actually LOOK like? -What are some real life examples? You’re also in luck because this podcast all stemmed from a blog that Margaret wrote- in response to a question from Jesse. So the blog is being published today alongside this special podcast episode. Link to blog: AUTONOMY Margaret’s definition of autonomy: “My definition of autonomy in the context of a business partnership and company is the ability to carry out a vision however I determine, with the best interest of those it will impact in mind.” How can we be a resource to you? Reach out to Pickett Street today: or #425-502-5397. Text for quicker response. Intro Music: Title: Happy Album: My Dark Passenger Artist: Verboze Album will be releasing on Itunes, Amazon, and Googleplay Dec. 2018 Streaming on Apple Music, Pandora, Play Music, iHeart, Spotify, and more in Dec.



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