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Episode 58: The Anniversary Edition

Posted on Oct 25, 2019

Episode 58: The Anniversary Edition

Today marks ONE YEAR since Finely Clicked hit the air and you were formally introduced to yours hosts:

Jesse D. Moore & Margaret (Mo) Smith

In honor of our 1 year anniversary, we wanted to put OUR listeners on air with us. We collected 15 different voice memos- and compiled them into this episode for today.

Thank you to the dedicated followers who submitted voice memos:
-Anna Parker with The McLeod Group Network out of Salem, OR
-Mary Smith out of Edmonds, WA
-Bella Williams with the HergGroup out of Burlington, Vermont
-Shanna Niemi with John L Scott out of Mukilteo, WA
-Amanda Condyles out of Federal Way, WA
-Hannah Ranch out of Federal Way, WA
-Rebecca Shanahan Galligani with the HergGroup out of Burlington, Vermont
-Sam Oberlies out of Mesa, Arizona with Rise Real Estate Group
-Gwyneth Lang from Montana!
-Jillian Farrar from Kirkland, WA
-Anna Lovec with The Alchemy Company out of Encinitas, CA
-Carmen Hultman from Federal Way, WA
-Laura Simms from Paris, France
-Melissa Weidling from Bellingham, WA with the Satushek Team

Our listeners had 3 options for their voice memos- and OH MAN did they come through for us:

1. Imagine Finely Clicked is getting ready for a date. They’ve dressed up to the nines, gotten their makeup on, shaved, primped, and they’re ready to go out on the town. They step out of the bathroom, and are waiting for you to comment on their appearance… what do you say? We had 2 brave souls reply to this prompt, and holy shit, its funny.

2. Create an analogy (Jesse-ism) or metaphor that explains what this podcast, Finely Clicked, is about.

3. Submit a question you’d like our help on for 2020.

Can’t wait for you to hear this….

You can find Finely Clicked on all major platforms:

Thank you to our listeners. We wouldn’t be where we are today without you. Here’s to an EPIC 2020 and what is to come.

Yours truly,
Jesse & Mo



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