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Episode 5: Iris Scott: An Artist That Chased Her Dreams

Posted on Nov 15, 2018

Episode 5: Iris Scott: An Artist That Chased Her Dreams

Today we’re dropping Episode 5 of “Finely Clicked” with a phenomenal first guest- someone who is not only making waves in the art world, but in the business world as well. One of our favorite quotes or ideas from this episode: The obstacle IS the advantage. Iris Scott has been featured in Forbes, Barron’s, Business Insider, USA Today, NowThis, CBS New York, and American Art Collector Magazine.  Several galleries carry Iris’s originals, her collectors have included Microsoft, Coca-Cola, Children’s Hospital, and Swedish Medical Centers. In contrast to much of the contemporary art scene scarcity model, Iris’ prints are intentionally accessible because she believes withholding affordable prints is not aligned with the collective conscious of art history’s future. Iris Scott- an Artist that paints with her FINGERS, from a small farm near Seattle, WA. Themes from this week’s episode:

1. Set limitations and work within them.
2. Follow the script, then deviate.
3. Enjoy it, have an audience, FOCUS on that.
4. The obstacle is the ADVANTAGE.
5. Iris talks to herself everyday- affirmations.
6. Women in leadership- it’s happening now.

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