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Episode 46: David Momper: Listen First.

Posted on Aug 9, 2019

Episode 46: David Momper: Listen First.

πŸ‘‚Did you hear? NEW episode just hit the streets! πŸ‘€

Would you consider yourself a GOOD or a BAD listener?
Well. It’s time to throw that concept out the door.

One of our previous guests- Monique Helstrom, former Chief of Simon Sinek, graciously referred us here at the Finely Clicked Podcast to Dave Momper. And when Monique refers someone to us- we listen, and we take action.

So this week we are thrilled to introduce you to someone new AND a new concept & assessment (we know how much you LOVE assessments).

πŸ—£The 411 on Dave:
Dave Momper is the founder of Thrival Concepts, a leadership consulting firm that helps executive-level leaders to approach the act of listening as a strategic business function so that they can build conscious growth-minded cultures, and high-performing teams fueled by intentional, authentic communication. Dave accomplishes this by showing leaders the cognitive listening habits we each have, and providing a unique leadership-communication framework that prompts a transformation of awareness, action, and performance.

Dave is also the host and executive producer of CreativeMornings/Denver, which is one of over 200 chapters around the world that produce a free monthly breakfast speaker series on creativity.

His passion for leadership, creativity, life-long learning, and community fuels his personal and professional endeavors. Dave has lived in Colorado for over 30 years and when he’s not working with clients he’s usually up in the high-country savoring the woods and the mountains!

πŸ‘‰At the end of the episode David mentions a SPECIAL deal for our Finely Clicked Podcast listeners. Instead of his usual $250 consultation and assessment fee- he is giving it to our listeners for $100!

Here’s the consult link:

Please reach out to David and let him know what you think of this episode:

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