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Episode 41: A mini MOment

Posted on Jul 17, 2019

Episode 41: A mini MOment

Hi! Welcome to the first “mini” episode of Finely Clicked.
I’m calling it “Just a MOment”.

1. I’d like to directly address questions, ideas, HOT topics that our listeners have in quick 10-20 minutes episodes. What would you like me to address for you? Email me:

This first mini MOment I took the opportunity to address a question that I’ve received so much in my life: “Margaret, how have you created and MAINTAINED this positive attitude in your life?”.

I’d like to dedicate this mini episode to Quinn Hubbard, 5 year old daughter to two friends of mine: Jessica & Kalan Hubbard out of Joplin, MO- they run a successful real estate team and have been teaching Quinn how to say her “good things” every night. And Mallory- 13 year old daughter of Elizabeth Grace Marty- my good friend that is an Agent out of Reno, NV.

These 2 young ladies are on a quest to start their lives with a positive mindset- and they inspire me.

Below is a sneak peek. Tune in, its 18 minutes long.
Share it.
Love it, like it, digest it.

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