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Episode 37: ASMR…..Wine & Awkward Conversations

Posted on Jun 28, 2019

Episode 37: ASMR…..Wine & Awkward Conversations

NEW Podcast EPISODE: have you ever watched the tv show The Office with Jim & Pam? Has the show ever made you actually FEEL awkward for the characters and what they’re going through?

Well we heard from a few of our listeners that some of the awkward/hard conversations that we have here on Finely Clicked – are some of their FAVORITE. OR they’ve had to literally turn the podcast off and come back to it later- it was more than they could listen to.

Tune in this week as we decided to share one of our most recent AWKWARD conversations from this week. Mo just got back from vacation on Monday – and she & Jesse discussed the power of energy and the impact it has on everyone. Along with a little bit of:

-online dating
-how we’re currently looking for wine sponsorship now

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  1. Well episode #37 was very uncomfortable to listen to. Margaret did a good job trying to get Jesse off topic from his “Why are you angry question”..although it did not work – I give her points for trying.

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