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Episode 26: The Retreat: Recap + Reflection

Posted on Apr 12, 2019

Episode 26: The Retreat: Recap + Reflection

This last weekend The 3rd Annual PNW Operations Retreat took place in Cle Elum, WA with 33 Operations Gurus from around the country in the Real Estate Industry.

“Purpose & Mission of Retreat: Build community, be a resource and help fellow Admin realize their value and full potential in order to disrupt the Real Estate industry.”

From Mo:
I decided to organize the retreat because I realized we needed an event where we had more than a few hours together, and I also thought it would shine a light on the need. There are many events, conferences and retreats organized for Real Estate Agents- there are very few if any for Real Estate Admin/Operations.

My goal with this retreat is to show them just how powerful they can be, and help them learn how to share their story effectively. Through networking, hard work and persistence- they have the ability to take control of what they want in life and go after it. Many Admin have a lot of fear over talking to their Team Leaders/Boss about what they want or think they deserve and what they’re capable of. Thus, much of this retreat is all about personal development. By working on ourselves first- much of what else we need will follow. And you’ll see your business begin to take off!

In this episode you’ll hear some of the “aha’s” that came out of this weekend. Something very special happened- and the magic that came with this years annual retreat- well, we’re gonna see the ripple effect 🙂


How you can help- spread the message about this retreat + the podcast. Share an episode with a friend- word of mouth is what will help our ripple grow!

Share this episode on social + tag Margaret—> she’ll hit you up.

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