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Episode 25: ASMR + Whiskey + Jagels

Posted on Apr 4, 2019

Episode 25: ASMR + Whiskey + Jagels

This week our ASMR + Whiskey episode has a special guest, Miss Christina Jagels AKA: Jagels.
Last week’s episode with Gary John Bishop definitely hit a chord with many of our listeners- Jagels included. Jesse and I decided to bring her on this week to discuss what her thoughts were about his recording- and for her to share what she did after hearing him speak.

Tune in for a very special episode- we discuss:
-Gary John Bishop
-Tyler Schmitt
-Shark tendrils + fins
-Cat claws
-Admin titles
-Boundaries or a lack thereof

Christina Jagels is the Owner of a transaction coordination company called Closer Pros that assists Agents all over Snohomish & King County with their transactions. 

She is ALSO the CEO of The Robinett Group out of the Keller Williams Bothell Office in Bothell, WA.

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