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Episode 11: Mary Smith- Be You

Posted on Dec 27, 2018

Episode 11: Mary Smith- Be You

Episode 11 of Finely Clicked: Mary Smith: Be You  —> focused on networking, creating an optimized work environment, connections that bring value, and the ROI of kindness, empathy and inclusivity. ????Please share to your Facebook page and with fellow Admin! Curious about networking? How do you create an environment where everyone is happy to be there, productive and efficient? Is the environment inclusive? Is there someone in your life that just knows EVERYONE- and always seems to have a connection? Mary Smith has worked for the Seattle School District for 27 years. She has been the Office Manager at Ingraham High School for the last 15 years- working directly with the Principal- Martin Floe. She is a Mother to 4 kids- Margaret, Matthew, Addison & Benjamin. Her husband, Andrew Smith has worked for QFC for over 35 years in the Seattle, WA area. Everyone knows Mary- if you talk to someone in the Seattle area- it wouldn’t be crazy to ask them if they knew Mary. We talk about mindset a lot in the Real Estate industry and in life, however I’m discovering that so MANY people don’t actually believe in it. Don’t believe in the power of living intentionally, listening to HEAR rather than respond, talking to other people and yourself ????????WITH INTENTION, positivity, and gratitude.

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