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Episode 10: The 5 Gifts of Christmas

Posted on Dec 20, 2018

Episode 10: The 5 Gifts of Christmas

This episode is a big THANK YOU to those of you that have submitted questions for us on social media + more information around the exciting announcement that was released this week for the 2019 PNW Operations Retreat! Questions that we addressed in this episode:
1. Jered Burton from Seattle, WA: Creating new roles for current employees and all that entails.
2. Sobia Chaudhrey from Kirkland, WA: How to create or make time to sharpen our skills. How do you find time and prioritize to have time to go to classes, see whats missing in your business, etc.
3. Julian Travis from Marysville, WA: How do you deal with people leaving your organization. The balance between finding and keeping talent but also recognizing people and organizations move on and grow.
4. Adam Cothes from Kirkland, WA: What types of activities should an assistant do if we run low on work?
5. Bret Shugrue from Denver, CO: Modern forms of communication for business that have replaced the phone.

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