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Episode 53: Steps 4 & 5 —> Follow the Model + Diversity of Business

Posted on Sep 27, 2019

Episode 53: Steps 4 & 5 —> Follow the Model + Diversity of Business

We’ve decided to break down each of the 5 steps in Jesse’s class (5 Steps to Building a Top Producing Team in 18 Months) in our podcast- we’re on the final 2 steps- follow the model & diversify your business!

🗣”I didn’t find a way to make a lightbulb. I found a thousand ways not to make one.”
-Thomas Edison

In this episode we discuss WHY you don’t need to reinvent the wheel. There are models out there that are already proven. Don’t let your ego run the show.
Models + a foundation first—> then PLAY!

Jesse’s 3 tips for getting closer to the model:
1. Read the Millionaire Real Estate Agent
2. Find Leverage (like Closer Pros) to handle your TC work.
3. Go outside of your state and shadow someone.

Link to the full episode below in the comments.
If you’ve been to Jesse’s class IRL (in real life), you know what an impact these steps made on our business.
Share this with someone in business or life that would benefit!

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