Pickett Street Properties Team joined Keller Williams associates across America on May 13th – and took the day off!   But it was hardly a day of rest.  Over 25,000 associates across the US and Canada spent their day giving back, as part of the company’s community service initiative called RED Day. Short for “Renew, Energize, and Donate,” RED Day was created to unite Keller Williams Realty office and associates in an international day of service.

Andy and our team coordinated the activities for our Keller Williams Realty Bothell – and it was an incredible and very rewarding experience. We ended up with 60+ associates and several vendor/partners volunteering, serving in several projects throughout the greater Bothell area:

Home Renovation: We scoured our community for a home that needed some work, and approached several owners to see if they’d be interested in our help.  It took a while to find someone who would accept our “no strings attached” offer. Once we started working – they were thrilled.   The family home we served had not been touched in over 30 years.  Our team of volunteers gave it an entire “exterior makeover”, including:

  1. complete house scraping, sanding, cleaning, and painting (with colors chosen by the owner!);
  2. extensive roof & gutter cleaning;
  3. tree and branch removal;
  4. yard weeding, clearing, and leveling of the front of the property;
  5. laying two pallets of sod across the entire front, making a lovely front yard;
  6. landscaping – including two truckloads of bark

Food Bank – soliciting donations & goods:  we had a team of volunteers sit at a grocery store for the entire day – promoting HopeLink (a local food bank).  Our fantastic team collected over 1300 pounds of food donations, plus $300 in cash!

Senior Center Visitation – at Vintage Park, a local senior center in our area was thrilled to have a caring, fun-loving and guitar-toting group of volunteers share several hours of conversation and friendship with their residents. Our team made new friends and touched many lives.

Park Cleanup Project – Centennial Park: We worked with the City of Bothell to find two parks that needed help. Centennial Park had extensive cleaning, clearing, trimming, branch cutting, and weeding done by a great team of volunteers.

Park Painting Project – Blyth Park: The City of Bothell was also thrilled to have one of our volunteer teams paint a bathroom building in Blyth Park. Park regulars couldn’t help but come up and thank our team for enhancing their favorite park.

It was an incredible RED Day 2010!  We look forward to partnering with ALL of the Keller Williams offices in our region next year – to raise the bar even higher, and see how many projects we each can do all over the Puget Sound region. Stay tuned for more information about other upcoming service opportunities.  And make sure to join us next year!

We are very proud to announce that our Pickett Street Properties team will be serving in our local community on Thursday, May 13th, from 8:30am-6:00pm – for RED Day 2010! www.kw.com/redday

We will be joining Keller Williams associates across the United States and Canada – in taking this day off – to serve and give back! In 2009, over 25,000 associates participated, and donated over 130,000 hours of community service. We hope to DOUBLE that in 2010!

Our team is spear-heading our Bothell Keller Williams office efforts – and will include individuals and groups serving in various ways:
a. Home renovation projects

b. Nursing home visitation

c. collecting food & donations for the local Food Bank

d. Bothell City – Centennial Park cleanup project

e. Bothell City – Blythe Park bathroom painting project

f. Other activities.

If you are interested in JOINING US – please email reply – and we’ll get you connected. Many employers will not only allow you to take time off from work, but will support your efforts.

While we serve – we want you to know that we will be available by phone and email throughout the day, to answer urgent real estate questions or solve issues that may arise. But for the most part – we’ll be busy serving! And we’d love to have you join us!

We’ll post photos from the day’s events, so be sure to check back often to see what we’ve been up to!

All our best,
Jesse, Dennis, Andy & Monica